Gordana Skugar is the leading luxury real estate agent in important country areas including Nassau County, Brooklyn, and Queens. She has achieved her current status through her vast knowledge and experience working in the field. She has worked with all sorts of residential and commercial properties like houses, condos, co-ops, etc.

She absolutely loves the work, the challenges, the adventures, and most of all, the people. Her positive and proactive personality helps her connect easily to her clients and build long-term relationships with them. She’s honest, an attentive listener, and a real go-getter. Nothing means more to her than helping someone find a place to call home, or to guide someone sell a home that has so many memories attached to it.

Gordana’s motto: “If my clients are happy, I’m happy.”


Gordana’s mission is to provide quality services to her clients. She does this by listening to them, honestly guiding them, and working tirelessly for them. She doesn’t buy and sell houses; she builds relationships, she connects the right people with the right houses.



What Gordana does is really simple and elegant. She sells properties for top dollars in the shortest possible time. She is able to do this because of her years of research, experience and her extraordinary marketing skills.

Gordana’s work philosophy is really simple and client-centered. She educates them about the market. She analyzes their needs and wants. She guides them in buying or selling the perfect homes. She collaborates and coordinates with other professionals and negotiates on her clients’ behalf. She takes care of all the hassle associated with real estate transactions. She solves their problems.